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Supported Independent Living

Designed for adults who are enrolled on the Medwaiver, who want to live on their own in the community.
Supported Living Coaches are the highest level of service providers and assist individuals with all aspects of household maintenance, personal finances, health and medical needs, transportation, consumer education skills, community involvement and interaction, promoting self-advocacy, and anything else they require to thrive on their own.


Also known as Life Skills Development Level 1 (LSD1) enhances individual’s participation in meaningful community events and activities.  Companions help increase the quality of life by taking individuals out to do things they like to do. Clients get the opportunity to visit the beach, local eateries, go shopping and feel that they are truly a part of the community, while increasing positive social skills.

Supported Employment

Also known as Life Skills Development Level 2. Certified Supported Employment Coaches help individuals secure and maintain competitive and meaningful employment in their community. Once the individual secures a job, coaches remain focused on providing on-going support, on the job training, determining if accommodations are needed and communication with their managers and staff.

Personal Support

This service provides support with guidance and assistance with activities of daily living. Personal Support Services include, but are not limited to:

Personal Care Services (PCS)

PCS care is available through Medicaid to individuals under the age of 21. PCS is medically necessary, physician authorized and enables the recipient to accomplish tasks that they would be able to do forthemselves if they did not have a medical condition. PCS offers children assistance with all aspects of
personal hygiene and grooming, meal preparation, ambulation, guidance and verbal prompting
to increase their skill sets.

Elderly Care Services

We understand that as people age, their capabilities may change. Spectrum offers Elderly Care Services to assist your elderly loved ones, while encouraging them to maintain their independence as much as possible. These services are provided by qualified Home Health Aides who have been background screened in compliance with all County and State Regulations. All providers are fully trained in basic first aid and certified in CPR. Caregivers are not only licensed and insured, they are also kind, compassionate and professional. They truly put the care in Home Health Care!

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